Heads Up at Celebrate Lancaster 2009

I have several things to blog that happened before this event, but I have these shots ready to go now, so I’d better post them now!

“Heads Up” is an organization that inspires youth with positive influence through urban arts programs.  They got to showcase their skills at the annual “Celebrate  Lancaster” festival this year, and my friend Justin (Founder of the organization) asked me to come and photograph the event.  I was happy to donate my time and skills to such a positive local program.


Freyer Wedding

I had never met Kaycee and Thomas before their wedding day, but they had a lot of confidence in my work based on a mutual friends recommendation.  I’m glad they did, because I had a blast shooting their low key yet classy “wine cellar” wedding.


Davis Wedding

I’ve known fellow variety performer friend Chris Davis for about half a decade now, and we were even unintentional neighbors for a couple years, until he met Amy, who is clearly the love of his life he’s been looking for all these years!  I was extremely excited to photograph their wedding.  The ceremony took place at the church where Edgar Allen Poe is buried, and some of the portraits were captured in the graveyard that surrounds the church.


Cory and Johns Wedding.

I had my first wedding client this last weekend and I’m pretty proud of the results.  I wanted to narrow down my favorites to share more, but there were so many great ones!


Smiling Faces Family Variety Show

I was asked to come in and photograph a variety show that some friends were performing in for a charity.  It was held at the American Music theater here in Lancaster PA.  Jonathan Burns, Pete Geist, and Todd Charles made for a great line up on a Sunday afternoon.


Brent McCoy

In February I had the pleasure of a visit from one of my favorite Vermont performers, Brent McCoy!  Brent had been to the studio before, and in fact was my first real customer.  Unfortunately we went out and had a couple too many beers the night before the shoot, so we felt a little fuzzy on photo day, but I think we pulled off some totally killer shots anyway.


Pat Cashin!

This week I’ve been catching up on stuff that got left behind in the mix of a very busy February, and realized that I have totally neglected the blog here on the photography site.

First up, a late January promo shoot for Pat Cashin.  Pat is a clown that wanted to update his look and his promo so that his potential clients would treat him a little differently.  I did some thinking and came up with a lighting theme that would make him stand out from the crowd and speak to the caliber of his abilities.  Here are my favorite two shots from our session.

Learn more about Pat at his website www.cashincomedy.com


My favorite images from 2008

I decided to put together and post my favorite pictures that I took this year for myself (not someone else’s promo).  I’m new to the wordpress blog, and I’m still learning how to best display pictures here, so if this gallery is confusing or too small you can follow this link to my flickr page and see the photo set there.



It’s an exciting time in my photography career, as well as my juggling career.  I have a ton of gigs, and several exciting photo shoots lined up  all over the country for the next few months.  I’ll be buying some new lenses this spring, as well as some new lighting equipment that will help make the photo shoots run more smooth.  2009 is going to be a great year!